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Welcome to St. Michael’s College!

St. Michael’s College has a reputation for having the best school spirit and friendliest student body! We are also known for holding some of the best and brightest among the University of Toronto Students and Alumni. We will continue this tradition at Frosh Week 2014 and we hope you will join us for a week full of fun and excitement!

Frosh Week will take place from Tuesday September 2nd to Friday September 5th 2014!


What is Frosh Week?

Frosh Week is a week of orientation for new students. You will get to know St. Mike’s and the University of Toronto campus during this week. However, orientation refers to more than just geographic acclimation. It is also a great way to orient yourself with your new university life, including classes, various student groups and the large number of different facilities on campus that are available to you. During this week, you will get a chance to meet and interact with other new students, upper year St. Mike’s students and SMC staff through a multitude of fun activities and events!

Why is it called “Fantasy Frosh”?

So, what’s up with the Fantasy theme and what does it have to do with St. Michael’s College? At the heart of any Fantasy Film is an epic journey in which the protagonist travels to achieve a greater knowledge or understanding in a situation or generally in the world around them. Like these protagonists, the incoming St. Michael’s College students are about to embark on their own journey learning to overcome fears and growing into maturity and understanding. More importantly, the journeys always contain obstacles to overcome, just like you will in your academic career at the University of Toronto. The obstacles always lead to enlightenment though– and the goal is to introduce and integrate you into the life at SMC to prepare you for your journey.